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"I was so determined to hire Michael, I moved him 4,384 kilometres to become senior editor of Vancouver magazine. I hoped he’d bring clean writing, constant curiosity, and some personal zip to the job. He did, indeed, but so much more as well: his writing was clean like glacier melt, bracing and invigorating. His curiosity was endlessly expansive. His zip was tempered with compassion and calm under pressure. Look, what can I tell you? He has the energy and attitude of youth, but an old soul. I suppose the ultimate test would be if I hired him again. Of course I did. This time, it was only 4.3 kilometres. A happy ending."


• Story Director, Echo Storytelling Agency

• Former Editor-in-Chief, Vancouver

"Michael White is a no-nonsense, exacting writer and editor who has filed clean, smart and entertaining food, design, entertainment and lifestyle copy to me for years. Assigned to oversee both editorial and custom publications, he has successfully brought financial, fashion and automotive industry topics to life, cooperating successfully with project managers and art directors. He is beloved by clients, who know he has a vision and can execute it well. I would hire him again in a hot minute."


• Contributing Editor, Food & Drink (LCBO)

• Former Publisher/Chief Creative Officer, BCBusiness

• Former Editorial Director, Custom Content Group, The Globe and Mail

• Former Editor-in-Chief, Western Living and enRoute 


"Michael helped me relaunch Glow magazine, a custom publication for Shoppers Drug Mart, when its contract was acquired by St. Joseph Media. As my managing editor, he was key in putting processes and initiatives in place that aligned with the client's evolving needs, and helped me bring an elevated editorial style to their marketing priorities."


• Former Editor-in-Chief, Glow

"Working with Michael was a complete joy. The words I would use to describe him are diligent, hard-working, reliable, respectful and funny. As managing editor, one of his responsibilities was to ensure production deadlines were met, and he remained unflappable, even in times of great stress. He was a superb team player, even when dealing with difficult personalities. And Michael happily went above
and beyond the call of duty, even when not required. Finally, Michael's great wit and sense of humour made for a thoroughly pleasing work environment. He is a rare gem."


• Editor-in-Chief, FASHION

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